The task: to develop a service for the passengers often travelling by air, offering much more opportunities than a usual airline search engine.

We created a main page usign bright colors and a nice character Michel that became a face of the service - personal assistant for the traveller. Most of illustrations were fist made of paper.

RF assistant has two main shticks.

The first one is global search of air tickets among all vendors. We used simple interface with great filter with accents on the cheapest offers.

In ticket detailed information in addition to information about the flight RTF personal assistant shows information about the weather on the date of arrival, currency rate and local time.


The second shtick is bonus miles aggregation. We created a simple page where the user can check information about bonus miles balance. It is also possible to connect with airline account and exchange miles to air tickets.


RF assistant helps to plan the trips: create a list of things, upload photos of documents. The assistant also helps to choose roaming and book a taxi.

In case of emergency the assistant helps to get in touch with emergency services.

The service helps to create group trips with shared lists of things and notifications of the future trip.

Now when everybody is ready, taxi is waiting on the place of arrival, things are packed and roaming is on – it's time to go!